Children’s Week 2024

Dates for Children’s Week will be 18th to 27th October 2024. Article for 2024 is Article 24 Children have the right to a clean and safe environment.       […]

The National Children’s Week Oration 2023

RESTORING CHILDREN’S EVERYDAY FREEDOMS Featuring Tim Gill – Rethinking Childhood, UK With Special Guest Panelists discussing “THE IMPORTANCE OF PLAY, RISK AND CHILDHOOD”. Presented by the Children’s Week Council of […]

The Importance of Child Safe Organisations

Every organisation has a responsibility to keep children and young people safe. Children’s Week is not only a time to celebrate children but also exists to remind us of our […]

Recipes from Healthway

Recipes from Healthway for Children’s Week 2023 can be found below: Healthway’s Healthy Lunchbox Recipe Healthway’s Burrito Bowl Recipe Healthway’s Cookie Dough Raw Balls Recipe Healthway’s Carrot Cake Bites Recipe […]

NAPCAN’s Webinar 2023

NAPCAN’s Webinar: “Let’s listen deeply to what First Nations can teach us about child wellbeing” The world’s longest-living and surviving culture, has much to teach us about the power of […]