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Meerilinga presents Children’s Week Nature Play Trails

23 October 2020 to 08 November 2020 Meerilinga Perth, 6000

Unlock challenges, navigate trails and score points with Children’s Week WA’s FIRST EVER Digital Nature Play Trail!

Get outdoors and explore nature by completing one (or ALL) of three Digital Play Trails designed especially for Children’s Week WA 2020! Unlock challenges as you navigate the trails, solving quiz questions and scoring points with your friends and family. A fun FREE activity for children and families of all ages and abilities!
The Children’s Week Nature Play Trails are designed so you can explore and enjoy with your family and friends at a time that best suits you.

3 Perth Locations | 23rd October – 8th November

1. Woodbridge Riverside Park and Play Space, Woodbridge
2. Coogee Beach Maritime Trail, North Coogee
3. Hyde Park, Perth

To access the Children’s Week Play Trails, please follow the below instructions…

1. Download the Play Trails app from the App Store/Google Play Store. You can download directly here:
App store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1525756260
Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details
2. Once you open the Play Trails App, you can select the Children’s Week Trails by using the map, or by entering the following codes into the Redeem Invitation area at the bottom of the screen:
Children’s Week Hyde Park Play Trail: “HYDEPARK”
Children’s Week Woodbridge Play Trail: “WOODBRIDGE”
Children’s Week Coogee Beach Play Trail: “COOGEEBEACH”
3. Click on ‘Download Trail’ to begin.
4. When you’re at the trail, click ‘Begin
Game’ and enter your player names.
5. Got to locations marked on the map to unlock content and solve the problems.
6. Complete the challenges at each location to score points.
7. See your position on the scoreboard by clicking on the points icon (bottom right).
8. Have a wonderful day outdoors with your family and friends!
For a more detailed look at how to download and access the trails, visit: https://www.natureplaywa.org.au/playtrails
Complete the day by enjoying a healthy picnic lunch once you’ve conquered the trail. Feel free to share your day with us by tagging @meerilinga or #CWWA2020
This Children’s Week event is organised by Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation in partnership with our friends at Nature Play WA with the support of the WA Department of Education.