Surviving the Pandemic – Children’s Week Photo Project

24 October 2020 to 01 November 2020 Paint The Swan Read Beechboro, 6063

2020 has been a year of learning how to deal with change for our children in the City of Swan. While the country shut down and isolated themselves and each other to protect and be protected from harm, our children developed skills in resilience and re-connecting with loved ones, while reading, playing, and learning. We’d love to see how your children managed to survive the pandemic in the Children’s Week Photo Project.

Paint The Swan REaD would like to show the rest of the country this strength and resilience by collaboratively creating a photo project, proving to Australia that we are able to get through a disaster and that we are still standing together.

With this project, we want to prove that isolation does not mean disconnecting – it instead brings protection and opportunity.

Please share the opportunity to take part in this project widely https://pollunit.com/en/polls/ptsrsurvivingapandemiccityofswan