The CRC Celebrates Children’s Week

21 October 2019 to 25 October 2019 Boyup Brook Community Resource Centre Boyup Brook, 6244

The Children, families, local businesses, the community and surrounding areas of Boyup Brook will have the opportunity to help the Boyup Brook Community Resource Centre celebrate “Children’s Week” commencing on Monday 21st October through to the 25th October. During this week we will promote and celebrate children across our state, highlighting their right to happiness. Having participants engage in a variety of Arts and Crafts, with a new activity added each day. These activities include:

  • How to make a kite out of a paper bag
  • Make your own boomerang out of recycling cardboard
  • Super hero cuffs
  • Make a bubble pipe out of recycled materials
  • Making a homemade rain gauge
  • Making face masks for all occasions
  • Insect painted rocks or a rock tic tac toe

These activities will help support children’s learning, communication, develop mental stimulation, emotional and physical wellbeing in a friendly and safe environment To promote healthy eating or Go for 2 fruit and 5 vegetables daily we will have a fruit and vegetable / kebab table where the participant can make themselves a fruit and vegetable kebab or just help themselves to a piece of fruit or vegetables. In acknowledgement of their involvement and participation the children, their family and community members, will add a poem or more hand prints to our Community Hand Tree in which we created last year during Children’s Week. This will capture a timeline once again that may be used for future events and will be a remembrance for years to come.