Children’s Week Grants for Regional, Remote & Metro Organisations application form

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Grant application form 2020


Entity type

Contact person


Must include "Children's Week" in the title.
Include how the activity will support children’s learning and development against the following outcomes: health, mental/emotional/physical wellbeing, safety, identity, community, learning and communication.
Social media, word of mouth, newspaper, radio, other.
Children. parents, families, schools, local organisations, groups, vulnerable or disadvantaged persons, other.

Project budget

Do not include GST in your costings.
Please itemize all items, eg. Children’s Activities, Catering, Transport
(e.g. Youth Group Inc.)
(must be 6 digits)
(up to 9 digits)
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

Grant conditions

  1. The grant is to be used solely for the specified purpose approved by the Meerilinga Young Children Foundation Inc. during the funding period.
  2. Any part of the grant funds that are not used in accordance with Conditions must be repaid to the Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation unless you obtain prior written approval.
  3. The event/activity must be have the name “Children’s Week” in the title, use the Children’s Week logo provided be held during Children’s Week 24 October 2020 – 1 November 2020 and held in Regional, Remote or Metro areas of Western Australia.
  4. Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation will not be held responsible for the success of the approved purpose for which the grant is provided or for any losses or additional costs incurred that are associated with the approved purpose.
  5. You must meet any payment conditions and/or reporting requirements as specified by Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation Inc. in the Children's Week Grant Guidelines

If your project involves working with children you must ensure that your organisation and all employees and volunteers comply with the Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004. Please refer to this website for further information:

  1. Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation is not liable for any accident or negligence resulting in any claim or damage arising from activities undertaken as part of the grant.
  2. Recipient organisations are required to be appropriately incorporated and be responsible for their own insurances. This includes, but is not limited to, Public Liability, Volunteer Insurance and Professional Indemnity.
  3. An acknowledgement of funding assistance provided by the Department of Communities, Healthway and Lotterywest through Meerilinga must be included in any advertising and on any material relating to the project by using the words ‘Supported by the Department of Communities, Lotterywest, Healthway and Meerilinga.'
  4. You must ensure that participants in the project are not exposed to promotions for alcohol or unhealthy food and drinks during the project.
  5. The total grant payment provided by the Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation includes an amount to cover any liability for GST, if applicable.
  6. The Grantor will issue a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) in respect of the grant payment and which complies with the GST Act. The Organisation will not issue a tax invoice in respect of the grant. Section Five - Declaration

This Declaration is made by the applicant (an eligible incorporated organisation or local government authority) or an appropriate sponsoring organisation on behalf of the applicant:

  • I declare that I am currently authorised to submit this application on behalf of the organisation.
  • I declare that all the information provided is true and correct.
  • I declare that the organisation is financially viable and is able to meet all accountability requirements.
  • I give permission to the Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation , if applicable, to contact any persons or organisations in the processing of this application and understand that information may be provided to other agencies, as appropriate.
  • If a grant is provided, I am aware the Grant Conditions and Grant Program and Guidelines as outlined to ensure projects are appropriately completed and accountability requirements are met.
  • If a grant is provided, I agree to ensure that appropriate insurances are in place (e.g. worker’s compensation, volunteers, professional indemnity, public liability, motor vehicle etc.).


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