18 October - 27 October 2024

NAPCAN’s Webinar 2023

NAPCAN’s Webinar:
“Let’s listen deeply to what First Nations can teach us about child wellbeing”

The world’s longest-living and surviving culture, has much to teach us about the power of truth-telling, stories, and deep listening. In fact, in her much-watched TEDx Talk, Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson refers to the art of deep listening as ‘the Aboriginal gift to the nation’. In this webinar, we’ll hear from the presenters about their experience working with children, as well as their own personal stories. As we listen, we’ll be enhancing our understanding of inter-generational healing, child development and how we can all help to create the culturally safe environments where children can dream big.


Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson, Jiman & Bundjalung woman, Founder We Al-li
Kylie Captain, Gamilaroi woman, Director Dream Big Education Wellbeing & Consulting

We are really looking forward to having you as part of this important conversation.

Date and Time

Monday, September 4, 2023 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM AWST

This webinar is part of the week-long National Child Protection Week 2023 webinar series, which is designed to stimulate discussion about how we can best work together to prevent child maltreatment and give every child in every community a fair go.

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