Outdoor Event Ideas – Children’s Week 2020

Children’s Week is a national week long celebration, promoting the rights of the child. While 2020 may look a little different –  connection and community have never been so important!

Celebrate this years theme, “Children have the right to choose their own friends and connect with others,” by hosting an engaging outdoor activity for the whole family to enjoy. Best of all? These ideas won’t break the bank! 


Time outside in the fresh air is always good for our mental and physical wellbeing. The only thing better is when that activity involves food! Enjoy a picnic in the local park or try dining in the back garden (think blankets, a basket of food and some outdoor games!) Throw down a rug and check out this list of 10 best Perth Picnic locations.

Cycling is a fantastic way to relieve stress, enhance emotional wellness and improve muscle mass – it’s also super fun! Check out this wonderful list of family friendly bike paths to enjoy this spring.

Hiking and National Parks

Tie up the laces and hit the trails! Hiking outdoors is a great way to discover the beauty of our diverse state and of course, boost physical and emotional wellbeing. For a full list of National Parks in WA head to the Parks & Wildlife Service website here. Be sure to check the website for special concession and children fee discounts.

Messy Play

Getting messy and mucky has amazing developmental benefits for little children. By encouraging them to squelch and squish, children can discover and explore a wide range of sensory experiences. Try experimenting with paint, gloop, jelly or mud.

Obstacle course

“The floor is lava!”

Obstacle courses are a wonderful way to promote sequencing and memory skills as well as foster strength and coordination. A great activity for outdoors or inside, encourage your child to help create the course. Try climbing, balancing, hopping, kicking balls, or shooting goals. To help get you started, check out this video from Meerilinga’s Early Learning Program.

Children’s Week Nature Play Digital Scavenger Hunt

Get outdoors and exploring nature by completing one (or ALL) of three Digital Play Trails designed especially for Children’s Week WA 2020! Unlock challenges as you navigate the trails, solving quiz questions and scoring points with your friends and family. A fun FREE activity for children and families of all ages and abilities!

Available in 3 Perth locations

  • Woodbridge Riverside Park, Woodbridge
  • Coogee Beach Maritime Trail, North Coogee
  • Hyde Park , Perth

Check the event page here for more information, including the free trail link.

More ideas

  • Camp (in back garden)
  • Yoga Class
  • Mini Olympics
  • Plant a garden with the help of friends