Tips and tricks

Submissions now closed. Join us on Facebook Live on Wednesday, 28th August at 10am to see if your entry has been featured in the completed books!

Tips & Tricks

Story: A picture book is a collaboration of written and visual language! We’d love to see pictures enhancing (and adding some fun details) to the story that you have written.

Mediums: For the purpose of this project, illustration encompasses all forms of hand drawn art but does NOT include photographic elements. You could use a range of different mediums like paint, pencil, crayon, charcoal or even graphic design instead!

Photographing your entry: Try to avoid shadows. Ask a parent if you can use masking tape to temporarily stick the picture to the wall or another flat surface. Get up nice and close to the image (without using zoom) and turn the flash off – bright, natural light is your best friend!

briony stewart childrens week book author and illustrator

About the Author/Illustrator

Briony Stewart is the Western Australian author and illustrator of several award-winning books for children, including Kumiko and the Shadow Catchers, winner of the 2012 Queensland State Literature prize for children’s fiction. Briony lectures on children’s literature at university and conducts talks and workshops with children across Australia. She loves live drawing challenges, day-dreaming and discussing dragons, bunnies and how to tame lions.